CM Radio - Aug. 24, 2016 - Sam Roberts Band, The Balconies

Aug 24, 201661 minutes

We've got a treat for Sam Roberts Band fans. A year after the release of their Counting the Days EP, SRB has announced that their upcoming full-length offering, TerraForm, will drop at the end of October. It was recorded at The Tragically Hip's Bathouse Studios with co-producer Graham Walsh (Holy F*ck), and Sam himself joins us to offer up a preview of what to expect, plus his thoughts on The Hip's farewell, music streaming services, and more. Similarly, Toronto's The Balconies are also returning with some new music in the fall. The self-produced rock opera, Rhonda, explores how Western culture's "forced ideologies and criticism impact the mind" through the lens of its heroic title character. Frontwoman Jacquie Neville and guitarist Liam Jaeger join us to chat about the record and some of the interesting instruments and techniques that went into making it.

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