CM Radio - Aug. 31,2016 - Donovan Woods, Polaris Prize Founder Steve Jordan

Aug 31, 201647 minutes

Heralded songsmith Donovan Woods joins us this week to talk about the business of songwriting, whether that pertains to songs released under his own name - like those on his 2016 Polaris long-listed album Hard Settle, Ain't Troubled - and those he's had covered by the likes of Tim McGraw, Alan Doyle, and many others. Get a glimpse into his creative process and some attractive revenue streams available to artists. Plus, the 2016 Polaris Music Prize gala is happening Sept. 19th in Toronto, where the grand jury - including our own Andrew King - will decide on this year's winner from the 10-album shortlist. This week, Polaris founder and Executive Director Steve Jordan joins us to tell Andrew exactly what he's in for, plus muse a bit about the prize and Canadian music in general.

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