CM Radio - May 10, 2017 - Musicians & Charity, Kayla Howran, The Sole Pursuit

May 10, 201779 minutes

At CMW 2017, well-known music journalist Karen Bliss of moderated a panel called "Musicians & Charity - Finding a Way to Give Back." She and her panel of high-profile musicians and charitable partners talked about the synergy that can exist between artists and their causes, with mutual benefits abound. Karen and Plus 1 CEO and Arcade Fire violinist Marika Anthony-Shaw join us this week to chat about the topic and offer some advice on how musicians can make a difference while simultaneously promoting their work. We also chat with country-tinged singer/songwriter Kayla Howran about her latest album, produced by Colin Cripps of Blue Rodeo, and how her move out of Toronto and into the sticks is treating her muse these days. And finally, Brampton rock outfit The Sole Pursuit have overcome some significant challenges to get their music recorded and released. With their new album, Flower City After Dusk, they're ready to put their best foot forward and capitalize on some long-standing industry attention.

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