CM Radio - July 12, 2017 - Vivek Shraya, Sun K, Melanie Brulee

Jul 12, 201769 minutes

We're bringing you a trio of artist interviews in what could be our most diverse episode to date. Kristian Montano, frontman of Toronto roots rock outfit Sun K, joins us to talk about the band's upcoming album that, like its predecessor, was produced by Sum 41's Cone McCaslin. Hear about the unique musical relationship between Kristian and Cone, how the band's sound has evolved from Kristian's early solo material, and more. Melanie Brulee is a true musical chameleon, singing in both English and French and effortlessly flowing from cabaret to pop to Americana and much more. She tells us about whether certain songs lend themselves better to one language or the other, how her hybrid sound earns attention at music festivals - like the upcoming Sawdust City in Gravenhurst, ON - and more. Finally, Vivek Shraya and a multi-disciplinary virtuoso whose body of work includes several albums, films, and books. Her work is critically adored and has done much to empower and advance the cause of several marginalized groups. She tells Mike about some of her major successes, unique struggles, and more.

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