Roxodus Music Fest: The Story So Far...

Jun 5, 201931 minutes

Aerosmith. Nickelback. Skynyrd. Kid Rock. Alice Cooper. Roxodus Music Fest and its heavyweight lineup seemingly came out of nowhere and, considering it's a first-year festival, brought its share of skeptics with it. But that hasn't stopped the team behind this mid-July mega-fest from pushing forward with big plans and big ideas.

This week, Roxodus co-founder and co-producer Mike Dunphy chats with Andrew about where this idea came from, how the lineup took shape and the challenges of attracting these artists to a first-year festival, how organizers from outside the music industry managed to bring everything together, and ultimately, how they're enjoying the ride so far.

Roxodus happens July 11-14, 2019 at Edenvale Airport in Clearview Township, ON.

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